VLOG 09-26-2020 : ELECTION 2020
So much suspense this coming election. Does anyone know who's going to win?

200,000 deaths later, we're not slowing down and frustration lingers.


It is an inconvenient truth that our lives are totally upside down. Observing children on where they lay their hands on everything, then touch their faces is asking for more trouble.

USA hygiene is not close to perfect either unlike the Japanese and New Zealand culture. Herd immunity is not going to work if the herd is dead. This pandemic strain is too strong and statistics will tell when we run out of hospital bed spaces and our front line workers are losing their lives from the effects of the pandemic. There is definitely an over 50% chance that this pandemic will be spread quicker through contact because children just like to touch everything. It is even more pathetic when we see the adults behaving worst than children, but we would assume that children would do better. We know that it is hard for parents to keep their children at home, but isn't that their responsibility to discipline in the first place? It is even a bigger threat to safety for many children from other children of parents' spreading conspiracy theories and fake news then spread them into schools. The spread of fake news that there is no pandemic is already a pandemic in itself.

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Blog 08-12-2020 : PRODUCT OF ISOLATION :
One important reason that Covid-19 has proven to humanity and the world is that we need more music and arts in times of isolation. I've gone out to walk or bike with headphones like many other people, whether it's listening to meditative music, self-improvement or talk shows via Youtube, social medias or podcast. Making music and painting on art canvas kept me from getting bored or kept me from watching too many movies that could easily consume my time. After the quarantine or being called back to continue my work, I realized I've posted almost daily of music on Youtube and painted as well in a one month time. A few portrait paintings were finished and I'm slowly filling up all my walls at home. Isolation has definitely triggered my memories and feelings from the pasts to express in music and paintings. A lot of self-realization that we have very little window of opportunity in this world to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the future generations and correct our mistakes. Knowing what I'm listening and visualize how the music is being played is even more exciting in a musician perspective with more appreciation to the work of the artist.


Music is a way of life and a freedom of expression. Music can bring people together from different generations. Unlike just a few decades ago when musicians had to produce music from an actual instrument, it is amazing to hear music created from electronic impulses of a keyboard and produce from purely computer setup. Whether live or electronic produced music, it is still considered an art-form. Many different styles evolved from one style to another which is the beauty of music because there are endless possibilities. Who knows what kind of new instruments will be brought to future generations. Electronic synthesizers came along with the inventions of modern electronic devices because of the need for better recording of quality sounds, musician convenience or whatever reasons may be to bring better music to the world.

Music is inclusive of science, math, sport and arts, so it makes sense to bring kids into music in their early life. The younger for children to get into music, the better they will be at musical and thinking abilities. Examples of science involvement of music are the computer technology and electronic education. Computers are about logic (1 and zeros) that can be applied into logical reasoning, so being a master at logic will give someone the ability to make more accurate life decisions and impulses to positive versus negative psyches.

Art brings originality and creativity which can contribute progress at a rapid rate in our society and equally bring appreciation and preservation of our cultures and history. Originality is a great mover because new ideas can be applied to create or improve technologies. Creative mood can be awaken by listening to creative musical piece(s), so it is like an infective agent which is the reason for the infectious feeling that the we get when we see, hear or experience arts. Art therefore holds a power to communicate to our inner feelings. When you create something extraordinary, you give your extra inner feelings or strength to the art or invention which also has the same effect from music, paintings and moving images.

Reverbnation.com is an excellent website to listen to original music of musicians all over the world that are well produced and organized with their biographies. It is fun to listen to different genres of music and even better to hear new styles. Definitely check out the songwriters criteria if you like paying attention to lyrics.

Other possibilities that are getting more attention is the power of music to heal or alleviate mental illnesses such as depressions, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. Patients react with happy moods and trigger past memories during piano sessions. Yoga meditation where mind relaxing music is being played along with breathing techniques alleviate muscle tensions. At the end of the yoga sessions, participants experience an improved well-being and normalized blood pressure readings. These kind of incidents happened repeatedly and are worth for scientific research. So if you're an artist musician, make the kind of songs that are honest and happy when you're in a great mood. You might bring healing or helping someone with your music.